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Easyhost’s New Site Launch 2022

Easyhost started providing web hosting services in 2017 under the brand name, since the start we re-launched our website once in early 2019 to bring it closer to the way we operate the business. We thought start of 2022 is the time to re-launch the website with a fresh simplistic design to make it easier […]

.PK domain price increase by PKNIC

PKNIC, registrar for .PK domains has decided to increase prices for .PK domain by Rs.350 for each domain registered for 2 year period. The prices are applicable starting mid August 2019 and all domains will be registered on revised rates onwards. Why .PK price is being increased? .PK domain rates have not been changed in […]

Why use SMTP authentication for emails instead of PHP Mail

This is a question very often asked by webmasters and developers – this post help you understand, which method you should be using got sending emails and their impacts. PHP Mail()¬†Introduction PHP mail() by far is the easiest way to send emails BUT this comes with alot of security issues & weak controls – when […]