Launching Professional Email Service

With the start of 2022, we have been working on strengthening our web hosting services – this included adding latest generation servers and optimizations to improve the experience for our customers.

Starting February, we have added Business Email Service to our product line. This will allow customers to get professional email services for their business, at the best possible price.

What is the difference between regular hosting emails v/s Business Emails?

With traditional hosting, you get email accounts quota which allows you to create email accounts on the server. Since the shared server hosts many websites and a lot of customers use emails as well, at times emails are delivered to junk. Although we ensure the IP reputation is maintained and protected against spam, still there stands a chance.

To solve the problem for businesses and individuals who cannot afford to delivery issues, we have introduced business email hosting – which is essential for business critical email needs. By getting business emails, you get a dedicated webmail area with 5GB storage with per email and is data loss prevention backups. Business emails can also be configured with Outlook, most of the mail clients available on Windows, Android, IOS and other operating systems.

How to configure business emails with you domain?

Its simple, you will only need to update MX record for your domain name – this can be done through domain DNS manager or from within cPanel as well (you can continue to host the site on cPanel but your emails will start to work with the professional email hosting platform).

If your domain or hosting is maintained by Easyhost, please reach our support team and we can configure the email service for you.

How to get Email Hosting service?

Here is the link to Email Hosting Pricing, to get started you may proceed with order and select the number of email accounts you want for your domain name before the checkout. The price for each email account is Rs.150/month and is charged annually.

If you have questions regarding the email hosting services please do reach out to our support team.

Easyhost’s New Site Launch 2022

Easyhost started providing web hosting services in 2017 under the brand name, since the start we re-launched our website once in early 2019 to bring it closer to the way we operate the business. We thought start of 2022 is the time to re-launch the website with a fresh simplistic design to make it easier for customer to find what they are looking for.

On 5th of Jan, 2022, Easyhost officially published new website with major changes made to the design concept and a newly bricked logo. We are now collecting feedback from customers to help us understand how the new website is working for them.

Here is the quick navigation to our web hosting and domain registration plans and pricing:

For 2022, we will be focusing on:

  • Upgrading the web hosting experience – we will be working with new server providers so we can provide better deals and services.
  • Enabling new payment methods for customers – so it makes the overall order-to-payment process easier.
  • Rewards for customers – we will be running campaigns and reward programs so customers can be get maximum value.

If you would like to share your feedback or looking for something specific, please write to us at

.PK domain price increase by PKNIC

PKNIC, registrar for .PK domains has decided to increase prices for .PK domain by Rs.350 for each domain registered for 2 year period. The prices are applicable starting mid August 2019 and all domains will be registered on revised rates onwards.

Why .PK price is being increased? .PK domain rates have not been changed in last couple years and since PKR/USD conversion rates have increased significantly in recent years, registry is bound to hike domain prices.

What this means for you as a customer? All further .PK domains registration and future renewals will be invoiced at the revised rates – you can check the latest .PK domain registration prices here. However, in order to give benefit to customers, EasyHost is still offering .PK at discounted rates of Rs.2,200/2yrs, these prices will be revised as soon as stock ends.

If you are looking to get .PK domain and hosting both, you can check special .PK hosting plans that include FREE .PK Domain – this means you save more!